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6th December 2006

The HEAT is on!

Posted in: LASSCO News

With the original central heating system having long since given-up-the-ghost, we spent last winter (and it was a cold one) working in what felt like sub-zero temperatures. We were, for a while, a company of multi-coloured Michelin men (and women). And yes, the irony, for a company selling radiators, didn’t go unnoticed!

(from left) Nick, Archie, Hamish, braving the near Arctic conditions

However, with a spanking new central heating system now in place, the thermals are ditched and we’re basking in the heat emitting waves of fully functioning radiators! Loxuri!

(from left) Nick, Archie, Hamish, making the most of the heat!  

And the advantages are two-fold. Not only can we, the staff, be more discerning in our dress but you, the customer, can see and feel these antique, cast iron radiators in action.

Reclaimed, cast iron radiator in the 'Renaissance' style 

These practical works of art – refurbished and reconstructed by LASSCO BSP – not only look stunning but work fantastically well!