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Garden Ornament

Statues in stone, lead and composition; fountains, old stone troughs, saddle stones and park benches. Everything from an entire temple down to a garden roller we have an ever-changing inventory.

Stone gazebo
the wrought iron dome with a central finial forged as a bouquet of flowers, above the relief-carved circlet with a frieze of animalia and foliate scrolls, all raised on six cylindrical columns, each with a Corinthian capital and foliate knop to the stem and a square-section pedestal below carved with relief ornament, four curved bench sections link the pedestals,
Dimensions: 373cm (146¾") High, 272cm (107") Wide
Stock Code: 43752
An English two tier composition stone fountain and decorative circular pool surround

from an Eighteenth Century Original, with egg and dart detailing to the rim and foliate baluster pedestals.  The centrepiece and pool surround are available seperately,

Dimensions: 262cm (103¼") High, 426cm (167¾") Wide
Stock Code: 99035


the polished spheres and rods of the molecule held on a single suspension point,
Dimensions: 80cm (31½") High, 120cm (47¼") Wide
Stock Code: 43704
An impressive oak and pine cupola

the square section spreading spire, clad in copper above the tower pierced with louvred panels to each side,

Dimensions: 427cm (168") High, 231cm (91") Wide
Stock Code: 41872
Queen Victoria Street pediment
the triangular pediment carved in full relief with a pair of griffins flanking an armorial shield cut with the City of London arms,
Dimensions: 85cm (33½") High, 138cm (54¼") Wide
Stock Code: 44502
Stone Columns
each with a turned capital, a plain stem with entasis, and raised on a torus foot and a square plinth base,
Dimensions: 289cm (113¾") High, 32.5cm (12¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44479
Mappin Jambs
each jamb constructed from stacked blocks capped by foliate capitals and supporting a cluster of attached pilasters to the door aperture,
Dimensions: 251cm (98¾") High, 88cm (34¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44505
Old well head
the triform wrought-iron gantry suspending a pulley-wheel, raised on a low stone parapet, circular in section,
Dimensions: 220cm (86½") High, 117cm (46") Wide
Stock Code: 43374
kinetic sculpture


two fronds of different heights, comprising inter-linked foliate vanes that turn and sequentially rotate in the breeze,
Dimensions: 335cm (132") High, 150cm (59") Wide
Stock Code: 44525
Victorian Costermonger's barrow,
An entirely restored Costermonger's barrow. Late of Old Spitalfields Market, London, E1. In Elm, Ash and English Oak.
Dimensions: 97cm (38¼") High, 98cm (38½") Wide
Stock Code: 31528
A long limestone trough
well weathered with moss and lichen,
Dimensions: 47cm (18½") High, 73cm (28¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44204
Gogmagog & Corineus

each bearded giant emerging from a roundel, turning to each other, each sporting a foliate ornamented helm topped with a bird, and accompanied with their attributes - Gogmagog his kettenmorgenstern and his bow and quiver, Corineus his Tin-miner's pick and sword,

Dimensions: 69cm (27¼") High, 73cm (28¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44504
Italian stone fountain
the rectangular block-built back-plate with a rectangular ogee-moulded cornice and a brass spout above the a lobed demi-lune bowl with an everted rim, the bowl issuing to the semi-circular pool below comprising a waisted high-kerb surround,
Dimensions: 165cm (65") High, 148cm (58¼") Wide
Stock Code: 43809
A French limestone cistern
a broad, squarish example,
Dimensions: 64cm (25¼") High, 101cm (39¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44393
Tasker Well-winch
the double hand-operated fly-wheels and cogs bearing the "Tasker & Co." stamp, with turned wooden handles, mounted on a stand with splayed ribbed supports and a steel well-cover,
Dimensions: 200cm (78¾") High, 94cm (37") Wide
Stock Code: 44485
stone fountain
the pointed arched top with an architrave, above the recessed facade centred by an integrally carved everted spout above an outset hemisphere bowl, the bowl pierced with nine smaller spouts issuing to the demi-lune pool below,
Dimensions: 150cm (59") High, 87cm (34¼") Wide
Stock Code: 43811

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Established in London's East End, LASSCO has dealt in reclamation and salvage since 1979. Bridging the gap between the demolition trade and architectural design, we connect customers with rescued relics that make for fascinating interiors. Our shops and yards also provide the back drop for unique venue hire and dining experiences.

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