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A carved limestone urn on pedestal
the gadrooned body beneath a beaded band, the panelled pedestal en suite,
Dimensions: 140cm (55") High, 66cm (26") Wide
Stock Code: 43807
An English lead cistern with lion spout

semi-circular in section and cast with repeating panels of raised strapwork moulding surmounted by an arched backplate cast in relief with a lion mask.  With a pump pack.6 - 8 week lead time.

Dimensions: 99cm (39") High, 89cm (35") Wide
Stock Code: 91073
stone sundial
the turned bulbous baluster raised on a socle foot, the circular bronze sundial plate incised with the hours and maker's name, and centred by a solid gnomen,
Dimensions: 100cm (39¼") High, 50cm (19¾") Wide, 50cm (19¾") in Diameter
Stock Code: 43533
A large rectangular composition stone pedestal made en suite to the massive winged lion
Dimensions: 126cm (49½") High
Stock Code: 91045
Decorative stone towers
each square section peir with lancet arch recesses, capped with a spire surmounted with a foliate finial,
Dimensions: 180cm (70¾") High, 54cm (21¼") Wide
Stock Code: 44503
kinetic sculpture
a tall tree with a crown of wind-powered foliate vanes above a rotating directional arrow and indices, the vanes rotate in the breeze,
Dimensions: 300cm (118") High, 110cm (43¼") Wide
Stock Code: 44528
English lead cistern
cast to the front and sides with repeating panels of raised moulding.
Dimensions: 71cm (28") High, 70cm (27½") Wide
Stock Code: 77841
An English lead cistern
cast to the front and sides with repeating panels of raised moulding. We currently have two in stock at our Brunswick House branch.
Dimensions: 78cm (30¾") High, 46cm (18") Wide
Stock Code: 92071
Falmouth Frieze
cast as a grid of repeating modular abstract geometric forms in high relief, each pod one of five different casts, and each rotated to create a vast shadow-wall,
Dimensions: 169cm (66½") High, 169cm (66½") Wide
Stock Code: 43554
Large French copper vat,
of tapered form and well patinated verdigris exterior
Dimensions: 60.5cm (23¾") High, 85.5cm (33¾") Wide
Stock Code: 78021
lion mask
the maned beast snarling,
Dimensions: 57cm (22½") High, 46cm (18") Wide
Stock Code: 44616
iron cauldron
the large bowl cast with four protruding lugs for suspension, the surface pitted and rusty,
Dimensions: 63cm (24¾") High, 93cm (36½") Wide
Stock Code: 45163
arched grille
each with a margin spaced with circlets and terminating with a kick-scroll and urn finial to the corners, the field and eloquent symetrical composition of scrolls and whips incorporating leafy clasps and flowerheads, the two panels of differing but complimentary designs,
Dimensions: 130cm (51¼") High, 146cm (57½") Wide
Stock Code: 45325
Oval Coade Plaque
the oval plaque cast in relief with the reclining goddess, attired in an himation and holding a floral swag trailing from a pedestal, the latter incised with "COADE LAMBETH 1789",
Dimensions: 85cm (33½") High, 133cm (52¼") Wide
Stock Code: 43479
Swedish urn

the ovoid body, lobed to the shoulder and with stiff-leaf ornament to the lower section, cast in relief with fruiting vine swags, surmounted by a tapering lid with a pinecone finial, raised on a spreading foot and square plinth,

Dimensions: 153cm (60¼") High, 68cm (26¾") Wide
Stock Code: 91006
gothic railing
three sections, each of repeating arcades, the uprights spirally wrought, the spiral direction alternating, the arcades with stylised leafy tendrels above a singular spike, the terminating newel posts with a foliate finial, cruciform in section,
Dimensions: 104cm (41") High, 259 + 195 + 63cm (102") Wide
Stock Code: 45351

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Established in London's East End, LASSCO has dealt in reclamation and salvage since 1979. Bridging the gap between the demolition trade and architectural design, we connect customers with rescued relics that make for fascinating interiors. Our shops and yards also provide the back drop for unique venue hire and dining experiences.

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