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Board - Reclaimed

Solid reclaimed wooden timber floors from the Edwardian period to the Georgian and beyond. Our deep and long standing familiarity with historic buildings and their upkeep gives us unequaled sympathy for the requirements of our customers.

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Antique Normandy oak boards
Reclaimed from Normandy and Picardy on the French Atlantic coast these boards become scarcer every year as their rare lustre under wax and evocatively worn surface is more widely appreciated. Widths up to 11". These solid Oak boards come unfinished with a uniform depth but in a mixture of widths. These boards are perfect for period conversions or restorations of historic buildings. Due to the scarcity of the timber a lead time of 4-6 weeks should be anticipated after ordering for timber to arrive. We encourage customers to get in contact with our flooring office for any further enquiries.
Dimensions: 28cm (11") Wide
Stock Code: OB027
Reclaimed Java Teak Board
Teak planks and boards with a rough hewn top surface. Reddish brown in appearance with residual saw marks and an uneven face. These boards come in a mixture of lengths with a slight variation in depth. Reclaimed from Java and the the East Indies.Teak's natural oils make it ideal for exposed locations, and make the timber termite and pest resistant as well as impervious to water damage. Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish. It is often used in marine settings and is perfect for bathrooms and kitche surfaces. The largest wooden structures in the world are the teak causeways of the Irrawady delta in Burma and this is a testament to the utility and durability of the timber.
Stock Code: bt0001
Somerset Oak Boards
18th and 19th Century English Oak reclaimed from the West Country. These boards come in a range of mellow browns and light greys with lightness in the sap and with darkened patches in the heartwood.The annual growth rings are handsomely marked in this Quarter Sawn batch and show as a glistening flame like pattern through the grain in what are known as 'Medulary Rays'. The grain itself is straight, with a coarse, variegated texture providing stability and strength. English Oak is famously hard and resistant to rot and decay. It is at once attractive and hard wearing which makes it suitable for decorative purposes in high-traffic situations such as public rooms, hallways and commercial premises. The cultural and historic associations of the English Oak, including it's status as king of the British woodland, have ensured its use throughout British history in vernacular architecture and joinery from Shakespeare's Globe to Hardwick Hall to Nelson's cabin on HMS Victory.
Dimensions: 10 - 22cmcm (4") Wide
Stock Code: SO0001
Reclaimed Georgian Baltic Pine board
Many of these boards are over 200 years old. They come squared edged in a mixture of lengths, just as they have been reclaimed or salvaged. The old growth Baltic Pine from which these boards are made is straight grained and expresses a mellow pale yellow colour. Some boards may have residual paint or be otherwise discoloured but with a little restoration a wonderful finish can be achieved. These boards are supplied unfinished and they require cleaning, sanding and finishing.These represent standard British domestic flooring, ubiquitous throughout the Kingdom from the humblest cottages to the most exalted town houses.
Stock Code: GP001
Reclaimed Carpathian Oak Skins
Square edged rough faced European Oak. These boards are sawn from reclaimed joists and beams salvaged from disused agricultural buildings in the the Orsova region of Romania. Widths vary but the depths of the boards are uniform. The top surface is rough-hewn and undulates in small peaks and depressions across the surface giving a rude, rough, rustic, appearance to the boards. The timber is best appropriate for use as cladding where the shallow depth of the individual boards reduces the weight and projection of the material.The variegated tones of the timber, from pale grey through honeyed browns to a deep, dark, loamish umber adds to the variety of the surface texture when fitted. Any quantity is available with a lead time from our mill of 4-6 weeks.
Stock Code: COS001
Pitch Pine Board
Pitch Pine Board

£85 + VAT PER...

Solid Pitch Pine strip flooring with square edges. Distinctive reddish grain. Solid and hard wearing
Dimensions: Randomcm (0") Wide
Stock Code: RP002
Reclaimed Moldavian Oak Board
Solid antique reclaimed European Oak from Moldavia. The timber is supplied unfinished with tongue and grooved edges for simple fitting. A variety of tones can be achieved by the application of stains and waxes. Unsuitable for use with underfloor heating.
Dimensions: 13 - 23cm (5") Wide
Stock Code: OB001
Band Sawn Carpathian Oak
Solid reclaimed square edged Oak boards, salvaged from disused agricultural buildings in the Orsova region of the Carpathian mountains. Oak beams are sawn down into boards of uniform depth and retaining the visible saw marks on the surface of the timber. The boards come in a mixture of widths between 4" and 8" or a preferred width can be sourced for a charge.
Dimensions: Mixed 10.16 - 25.4cm (0") Wide
Stock Code: BSC001
Reclaimed Guildford Roofboard
Darkly coloured reclaimed pine sarking boards. Salvaged from the attic story of a warehouse building in Guildford. Good for flooring, cladding or decorative purposes. Solid and hard-wearing.
Dimensions: 16.5cm (6½") Wide
Stock Code: rrb001
Reclaimed Pottery Board
Reclaimed pottery boards, sizes vary. They are ideal for shelving.
Dimensions: 180cm (70¾") High, 27cm (10¾") Wide
Stock Code: PB001
Edwardian Pine Board
Edwardian Pine Board

£40 + VAT Per...

Reclaimed Edwardian pine floorboards salvaged from the Vulcan Motor Works Southport, built in 1907.
Dimensions: 13cm (5") Wide
Stock Code: EOR011
Reclaimed Victorian Pine Floorboards

Random lengths. Boards priced according to width with the widest batches being the dearest. Widths from 4" - 10".


Victorian baltic pine is an adaptable and characterful timber whose lightly distressed patina lends itself to use in a wide variety of interiors. Traditionally the timber was used in factories, warehouses, terraced housing and even stables. It's a softwood with hard wearing character. Although the timber does mark and scratch more easily than hard woods, it's this ability to develop a unique patina that is sought after by patrons of the most sympathetic restoration works.


As our boards are often sourced from factories, warehouses and mills more often than not it is our Victorian Baltic Pine batches that have the longest lengths. So although our customers are not able to specify long lengths when ordering, with Victorian Pine floorboards you can be assured that there will be more long lengths than short.


The recent conversion of many historic industrial buildings for new updated purposes is something that those of us concerned with English Heritage might consider a shame, however one way to ensure that our proud industrial heritage is not forgotten is through the re use of flooring like this Victorian Baltic pine. The increase in desirability of the warehouse-loft look has meant that there is an increased amount of original pine boarding available for our customers, so good supply can always be ensured.


If you are lucky enough to already own a Victorian property then you may have noticed that almost all pine floorboards in Victorian homes look similar. And you would be right, most Victorian pine ranges from 5 1/2 inches to 6 3/4 inches wide. The same can be said for the batches we most commonly have in stock. This similarity of construction enables our customers to patch in small areas rather than replacing entire floors. The retention of original features where ever possible is a desirable factor when undertaking the restoration of period properties.


A characteristic of Baltic pine which is favoured by the Scandinavian aesthetic is how well the material responds to bleaching or white washing. The porous, absorbent qualities of this timber in relation to other harder woods mean it takes well almost all finishes, dark or light. However the use of finishes with most LASSCO reclaimed boards is not advised. We try to source batches of timber for their original finish and often turn away batches of timber that are recently finished or yellowing as a result of poor finishing in the past. Our Victorian pine boards are chosen for their naturally aged character and appearance and should be lightly matte waxed and sealed.

Dimensions: 15.8 - 25.5cm (6¼") Wide
Stock Code: RVP001
Reclaimed Norfolk Painted Roof Board
Victorian painted Baltic pine sarking boards. Fit for use as flooring, wall cladding or decorative purposes. Removed from a set of Victorian agricultural warehouses.
Dimensions: 14.2875cm (5¾") Wide
Stock Code: 30894
Reclaimed Norfolk Roof Board
Victorian Baltic pine sarking boards. Fit for use as flooring, wall cladding or decorative purposes. Removed from a set of Victorian agricultural warehouses.
Dimensions: 14.2875cm (5¾") Wide
Stock Code: 30897

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