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4panels obverse
ten leaves with three raised and fielded panels to each side, one panel blind, most hinged to both edges, four with facility for track suspension with a bogeyed dolly to the top edge, the closing pair with recessed door furniture,
Dimensions: 313.5cm (123½") High, 76cm (30") Wide
Stock Code: 44328
Examiners & Fellows obverse
each pair with eight moulded panels to each side, one pair bearing the label "Fellows and Examiners Room",
Dimensions: 244cm (96") High, 153cm (60¼") Wide
Stock Code: 44325
44323 & 44324 obverse
each pair with six raised and fielded panels to each side, when closed together a central fillet is unfolded in order to span a wider aperture,
Dimensions: 315cm (124") High, 147.5cm (58") Wide
Stock Code: 44323
Six panel oak doors
with recess panels and raised mouldings to one side, the image shows the same pair, front and back,
Dimensions: 222cm (87½") High, 180cm (70¾") Wide
Stock Code: 41094
copperlight door
the central panel astragal glazed with X-form glazing bars,
Dimensions: 212cm (83½") High, 92cm (36¼") Wide
Stock Code: 44690
A large single panel mahogany door
with flame figure veneer and carved and gilded moulding to one side, the same pattern in composition to the reverse,
Dimensions: 225cm (88½") High, 85cm (33½") Wide
Stock Code: 43105
glazed doors
with large clear glass panels,
Dimensions: 237cm (93¼") High, 169cm (66½") Wide
Stock Code: 44098
A pair of Victorian pine room dividing doors
each door with six recessed and moulded panels. A second, near identical pair also available,
Dimensions: 249cm (98") High, 171cm (67¼") Wide
Stock Code: 46563
Mahogany door
with two long above two short raised and fielded rectangular panels to each side,
Dimensions: 238cm (93¾") High, 113cm (44½") Wide
Stock Code: 44006
Pair of large shutter doors
Dimensions: 289cm (113¾") High, 67cm (26½") Wide
Stock Code: 72530
etched glass door
painted hardwood, one tall glazed panel over a short, flush panel, both with raised mouldings, the glass etched with an urn issuing foliage within a leaf pattern and starburst border,
Dimensions: 228.5cm (90") High, 91cm (35¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44052
Prison door
of butt and bead pitch-pine panel construction, steel clad one side, now polished, with polished steel fittings to the reverse,
Dimensions: 179cm (70½") High, 68cm (26¾") Wide
Stock Code: 43383
double doors
each leaf with four rectangular flush-moulded panels to each side,
Dimensions: 210cm (82¾") High, 186cm (73¼") Wide
Stock Code: 43999
Georgian door
the raised and fielded panels with egg-and-dart mouldings to the obverse,
Dimensions: 194cm (76½") High, 68cm (26¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44060
A pair of English mirror-glazed pine pocket doors,
with glazed rectangular panels with rose-mirrored glass panels to the obverse, blind to the reverse with one large above one small raised oak panel to each leaf,
Dimensions: 240cm (94½") High, 187cm (73½") Wide
Stock Code: 44101
mahogany door

each side with raised and fielded panels,

Dimensions: 235cm (92½") High, 114cm (45") Wide
Stock Code: 44040

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Established in London's East End, LASSCO has dealt in reclamation and salvage since 1979. Bridging the gap between the demolition trade and architectural design, we connect customers with rescued relics that make for fascinating interiors. Our shops and yards also provide the back drop for unique venue hire and dining experiences.

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