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1920's rose brass door knobs,
spherical with circular backplates, one pair left.
Dimensions: 7cm (2¾") High, 6cm (2¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77220
Large octagonal brass centre door pull,
a reproduction item, with conforming back-plate. Smaller one available, stock ref. 77736
Dimensions: 11cm (4¼") High, 11cm (4¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77735
Nineteenth century style brass door knocker,
the pierced loop rapper with repeating cabochon ornament and conforming boss striker plate.
Dimensions: 7cm (2¾") Wide
Stock Code: 77739
Antique spherical brass door knobs,
with circular backplate
Dimensions: 6cm (2¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77756
Early twentieth century brass door knobs,
each having oval handle, attached to rectangular backplate with returns.
Dimensions: 5cm (2") Wide
Stock Code: 77945 A
Cast bronze bookend,
Solid bronze bookend, cast by hand in England. Due to the nature of casting metal please allow for slight discrepancies in patina and finish with each product. The price shown is for a single bookend.
Dimensions: 18.5cm (7¼") High, 12cm (4¾") Wide
Stock Code: ML_002
A nickel-plated brass door-knocker

the kick-scrolled rapper hinged from a circular plate with a conforming striker-plate,

Dimensions: 18.5cm (7¼") High, 4cm (1½") Wide
Stock Code: 91420
A wrought iron cottage latch

this is a replica item,

Dimensions: 16cm (6¼") Wide
Stock Code: 91170
Georgian drop-knuckle door-handles
the pierced grip with a central knop, hinged off a circular rose,
Dimensions: 7cm (2¾") High, 7cm (2¾") Wide
Stock Code: 91164
Pair of unusual oval brass door knobs,
with double escutcheon, stamped 'Gibbons W'hampton'
Dimensions: 17cm (6¾") High, 8.5cm (3¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77263
Turned oak and brass door handles,
Dimensions: 8cm (3¼") High, 6cm (2¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77210
A gothic lever lock set
this is a replica item.
Dimensions: 24cm (9½") High, 14cm (5½") Wide
Stock Code: 91267
A tudor lever lock set
this is a replica item.
Dimensions: 27cm (10¾") High, 14cm (5½") Wide
Stock Code: 92705
Brass letterplate
sprung, petite!
Dimensions: 6cm (2¼") High, 16cm (6¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77252
Late Victorian cast iron letterplate,
‘A.KENRICK & SONS’, with embossed ‘LETTERS’ to the clapper.
Dimensions: 20.5cm (8") High, 7cm (2¾") Wide
Stock Code: 76972
Small run of large cabin hooks,
with ring decoration to the shaft. Ten available.
Dimensions: 5.5cm (2¼") High, 51.5cm (20¼") Wide
Stock Code: 77439

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Established in London's East End, LASSCO has dealt in reclamation and salvage since 1979. Bridging the gap between the demolition trade and architectural design, we connect customers with rescued relics that make for fascinating interiors. Our shops and yards also provide the back drop for unique venue hire and dining experiences.

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