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  • LASSCO Voucher

    LASSCO Gift card

    £25£3,000 Stock code: giftcard
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    LASSCO Gift card

    Redeemable online or at any of the LASSCO stores, our gift cards are the perfect present for anyone. The LASSCO Gift Card is emailed to the recipient on a day of your choosing and they will know its from you as soon as they receive it. Need a present delivered today? Just select the amount you want to send, complete your order and the rest is taken care of.
    Stock code: giftcard
  • A 14sqm batch of ‘Shophouse’ Douglas fir strip,

    £950 inc. VAT the batch, Stock code: 46344
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    A 14sqm batch of ‘Shophouse’ Douglas fir strip,

    Tongue and grooved 3 1/4" Douglas fir strip, reclaimed from a 'shophouse' on the Edgware Road.  Crackled white paintwork in areas, dulled pine colour throughout, 14sqm,
    Dimensions: 8cm (3¼") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Thick, random lengths,
    Stock code: 46344
    £950 inc. VAT the batch,
  • Poland Street warehouse pitch pine block,

    £95 + VAT per sq m Stock code: FL0056
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    Poland Street warehouse pitch pine block,

    A long format pitch pine block, with thin profile. Clean tongue and grooved edges which will require minimal cleaning prior to fit. Distressed and unsanded with paint splatter in places.
    Dimensions: 6cm (2¼") Wide, 1.8cm (0¾") Thick, 30.5cm (12") Long
    Stock code: FL0056
    £95 + VAT per sq m
  • Beam Pine Topside Mix-0

    Shoreditch Beam Pine

    £90 + VAT Per Square Metre. Stock code: eor005
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    Shoreditch Beam Pine

    Milled Beam Pine reclaimed from industrial buildings in East London. The batch is a mix of rough and smooth faced boards and can be laid with the smooth or rough surface upwards.
    Dimensions: 23cm (9") Wide, 2.2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: eor005
    £90 + VAT Per Square Metre.
  • Argonne oak boards,

    £85 + VAT per sq m Stock code: FL0059
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    Argonne oak boards,

    tongue and grooved and end matched, supplied unfinished,
    Dimensions: 20cm (7¾") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Thick, board length up to 2.4m,
    Stock code: FL0059
    £85 + VAT per sq m
  • Band sawn English oak boards,

    £70 + VAT per sq m Stock code: FL0049
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    Band sawn English oak boards,

    Solid band sawn English brown oak boards, with rough, course square edge. With chesnut brown hues and a rough texture underfoot that responds well to a light sanding and waxed finish. End of run, 10 sqm remaining.
    Dimensions: 13cm (5") Wide, 15cm (6") At Widest, 22cm (8¾") Thick, 150cm (59") Long
    Stock code: FL0049
    £70 + VAT per sq m
  • Reclaimed English Oak Parquet Block

    £65 + VAT per sq m Stock code: HOP001
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    Reclaimed English Oak Parquet Block

    Solid English Oak as used in the Victorian and Edwardian periods to cover large open spaces in civic, domestic or commercial premises. The blocks come in a spectrum of mellow browns and light cream shades in the sap with worn and darkened patches in the heartwood.The annual growth rings are strongly marked in this quarter sawn batch and show as a glistening flame like pattern through the grain in what are known as Medulary Rays. The grain itself is straight, with a coarse, variegated texture. English Oak is famously hard and resistant to rot and decay. It is at once attractive and hard wearing which makes it suitable for decorative purposes in high-traffic situations such as public rooms, hallways and commercial premises. The cultural and historic associations of the English Oak, including it's status as king of the British woodland, have ensured its use throughout British history in vernacular architecture and joinery from Shakespeare's Globe to Nelson's Victory. These blocks are reclaimed and have a light layer of bitumen on their underside. We encourage customers to call our flooring office for any further information.
    Dimensions: 6.4cm (2½") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Thick, 22.9cm (9") Long
    Stock code: HOP001
    £65 + VAT per sq m
  • Iroko parquet block flooring

    £55 + VAT per sq m Stock code: FL0080
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    Iroko parquet block flooring

    rectangular block parquet, tongue and groove, normally laid in herringbone format, supplied "as is" bagged,
    Dimensions: 7.6cm (3") Wide, 2.2cm (0¾") Thick, 22.86cm (9") Long
    Stock code: FL0080
    £55 + VAT per sq m
  • Reclaimed Canadian Maple Strip-0

    Reclaimed Canadian maple strip,

    £50 + VAT per sq m Stock code: CMS001
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    Reclaimed Canadian maple strip,

    with surface wear and marks, supplied 'as found',
    Dimensions: 5.7cm (2¼") Wide, 2.2cm (0¾") Thick
    Stock code: CMS001
    £50 + VAT per sq m

Featured Items

  • 18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

    £175 each Stock code: P01266 O
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    18th Century French Engravings of Dogs

    Published for, Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière (1749–1804), which was the first modern attempt to systematically present all existing knowledge in the fields of natural history, geology, and anthropology.
    Dimensions: 36cm (14¼") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 13cm (5") Deep
    Stock code: P01266 O
    £175 each
  • Henri Matisse, 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'

    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

    £900 each Stock code: P01059Z AZ
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    Henri Matisse, ‘The Last Works of Henri Matisse’

    From Verve Vol. IX No. 35/36 published by Tériade under the title 'The Last Works of Henri Matisse'
    Dimensions: 51cm (20") High, 40cm (15¾") Wide, 2cm (0¾") Deep
    Stock code: P01059Z AZ
    £900 each