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caryatid feet
the naturalistically modelled feet, positioned together with well-defined toes,
Dimensions: 4.5cm (1¾") High, 6cm (2¼") Wide
Stock Code: 45375
carytid feet
the bare feet, aligned together, the ankles concealed by the ending of a fluted drape,
Dimensions: 3.5cm (1½") High, 5.5cm (2¼") Wide
Stock Code: 45353
A plaster cast of an Egyptian head,
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons.
Dimensions: 4.5cm (1¾") Wide
Stock Code: 32348
An English cast plaster model of a female Grecian head

the female veiled head with ringlet hair,

Dimensions: 11.5cm (4½") High, 6.5cm (2½") Wide
Stock Code: 42124
pomegranate mould
the bulbous fruit baring the seeds within, with fruiting budding tendrils all cast in relief with a scalloped edge,,
Dimensions: 9cm (3½") High, 15cm (6") Wide
Stock Code: 45355
the chubby-faced angel with side-parted hair backed with a pair of wings,
Dimensions: 8.5cm (3¼") High, 11.5cm (4½") Wide
Stock Code: 45352
An English relief cast plaster portrait relief of King George III

the monarch's head and shouldes modelled in profile in formal regalia,

Dimensions: 15cm (6") High, 11cm (4¼") Wide
Stock Code: 42270
An English relief cast plaster plaque of a Shepherdess milking an ewe

a rectangular bas-relief,

Dimensions: 18cm (7") High, 25cm (9¾") Wide
Stock Code: 42265
flowerhead roundel
with two concentric registers of stylised petals,
Dimensions: 17cm (6¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44646
flowerhead roundel
with two concentric registers of stylised petals,
Dimensions: 19cm (7½") Wide, 19cm (7½") in Diameter
Stock Code: 44704
Flowerhead roundel
the five-petal flowerhead cast in relief,
Dimensions: 23cm (9") Wide, 23cm (9") in Diameter
Stock Code: 44213
Valentine Cupid roundel
the kneeling winged putto with downed bow carefully sharpening his darts on a rocky outcrop,
Dimensions: 13cm (5") High, 13cm (5") Wide, 13cm (5") in Diameter
Stock Code: 45251
soanian finial
square in plan, each arched elevation panelled with incised anthemion ornament,
Dimensions: 8cm (3¼") High, 8.5cm (3¼") Wide
Stock Code: 45376
An English relief cast plaster plaque of Putti with a goat

the bas-relief depicting the recalcitrant herbivore being man-handled by bacchantic youths,

Dimensions: 17.5cm (7") High, 32cm (12½") Wide
Stock Code: 42264
An English relief-cast plaster plaque,
the rectangular plaque cast in relief with putti at the forge making arrows for Cupid, the six chubby figures in a winter landscape at the forge and anvil,
Dimensions: 15cm (6") High, 28cm (11") Wide
Stock Code: 44384
flowerhead roundel
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 19.5cm (7¾") High
Stock Code: 42119

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