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A cast plaster head of Dr Johnson
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 33cm (13") High
Stock Code: 42120
A plaster cast of a classical foot
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Stock Code: 42122
Plaster foot
the contorted right foot, the heel truncated, cast with an integral supporting plinth,
Dimensions: 30cm (11¾") High, 15cm (6") Wide
Stock Code: 44794
A plaster mask of Apollo,
the god depicted wearing a headband,
Dimensions: 43cm (17") High, 27cm (10¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44642
An English cast plaster death-mask of the Versailles head gardener

from the 18th Century original,

Dimensions: 29cm (11½") High, 19.5cm (7¾") Wide
Stock Code: 42274
A cast plaster relief of clustered plums

after an original cast by Brucciani and Co. and bearing their stamp,

Dimensions: 36cm (14¼") High
Stock Code: 42091
A cast plaster relief of the Madonna and Child
available in weatherproof 'Hone stone' for £250
Dimensions: 67cm (26½") High
Stock Code: 42087
capital fragment
the scrolled Greek ionic volute and capital mouldings cast in relief,
Dimensions: 31cm (12¼") High, 41cm (16¼") Wide
Stock Code: 44215
Plaster pilasters
the panelled stem ornamented with an ewer issuing stylised foliate ornament and headed with a capital with opposed birds forming the volutes,
Dimensions: 127cm (50") High, 27cm (10¾") Wide
Stock Code: 44379
Lucretia plaque

the portrait of the woman in profile, cast in low relief,

Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 34cm (13½") Wide
Stock Code: 93015
An English relief cast plaster lidded half-urn

the vase-shaped body with wrythen flutes raised on a socle foot,

Dimensions: 46cm (18") High, 28cm (11") Wide
Stock Code: 42278
Plaster pilaster capital
the Roman ionic order capital with splayed volutes centred by a lobed urn in forced perspective,
Dimensions: 45cm (17¾") High, 36cm (14¼") Wide
Stock Code: 43275
A cast plaster section of foliate scroll frieze
Cast at LASSCO Three Pigeons by Peter Hone
Dimensions: 40cm (15¾") High, 81.5cm (32") Wide
Stock Code: 42095
leafy ceiling rose
the spirally modelled leafy flowerhead emanating from a central boss,
Dimensions: 48cm (19") High, 48cm (19") Wide
Stock Code: 44648
Scipio Africanus plaque
the general depicted in fantastical armour in profile,
Dimensions: 61cm (24") High, 41cm (16¼") Wide
Stock Code: 42086
A pair of plaster Sphinx, cast in relief

after the Regency orignals,

Dimensions: 21cm (8¼") High
Stock Code: 42089

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