An Italian carved statuary white marble figure of the Psyche of Capua,

after the antique, by Giuseppe Vacca (1803-71), Naples 1851,

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the female nude, lifesize, with head inclined downwards to the right and with drapes over her left shoulder, good patina,

Dimensions: 95cm (37½") High, 31cm (12¼") Wide, 33cm (13") Deep

The torso and limbs truncated on the bias, the side bearing the inscription: "Dall Antico, Giu Vacca, Napoli 1851".

Proudly replicating the antique original held in the National Archeological Museum at Naples, this 19th Century carving is a good example of the Neapolitan workshops.

Found badly damaged in the amphitheatre at Capua and normally known as Psyche, this sculpture more likely represents Aphrodite.

The original sculpture is thought to be by Praxiteles a follower of Scopas. The figure originally leaned its weight on the right leg and drew the drapery, which covered the lower part of the body, over the left shoulder with the left hand. The head, turned to the right and bent down, suggests the figure may have been part of a group.

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