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A Victorian prison-cell door

ex. Norwich Gaol, probably, late nineteenth century,


of butt and bead pitch-pine panel construction, steel clad one side, now polished, with polished steel fittings to the reverse,
Dimensions: 179cm (70½") High, 68cm (26¾") Wide, 5.5cm (2¼") Thick
Stock code: 43383
We can't be sure of the provenance suggested above but the prevalence of Norwich related graffiti on the large quantity of prison doors that had been salvaged, stacked and periodically traded over some years indicate a prison in that part of the world. Each door has the hallmarks of many years' use. Each bears the hallmarks of Acts of Parliament that change the conditions I which prisoners must be kept - notably the sealing-up of food hatches which were, by decree, outlawed at some stage. The doors come to us thick with paint - layers of red, green and cream - we strip them and polish up the metal. We normally supply these doors without hinges or latches. The original lock mechanisms are always removed by the prison service before disposal.
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