1949 Harry Beck, Underground Station Map

RARE, 1949 Large Scale, 40 x 50 inch Underground Station Map designed by Harry Beck


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Harry Beck (Henry Charles Beck, 1902-1974) LONDON TRANSPORT RAILWAYS Lithograph in colours, printed 1949 by Waterlow & Sons Limited, London.

Dimensions: 102cm (40¼") High, 127cm (50") Wide

Harry Beck an English engineering draftsman who in 1931 came up with the idea to show the London Underground Railway network as an electrical diagram. Beck drew up the diagram in his spare time, as London Underground was initially sceptical of such a radical proposal. It was tentatively first introduced to the public in a small pamphlet in 1933. Beck continued to update the Tube map on a freelance basis, until 1960 when the Publicity Officer, Harold Hutchison, added the Victoria Line. This version of the map has the uncompleted sections of the Northern Line
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