An impressive reconstituted stone figure of the Uffizi boar

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the massive hairy hog seated on a rectangular plinth,

Dimensions: 137cm (54") High

This is a replica piece and also available through our printed catalogue. See "91048" for the pedestal. This impressive beast as a subject for such a substantial classical sculpture is generally thought to be based on the story of the slaying of the Calydonian boar by Meleager. The boar had been sent by Diana to ruin the countryside of Aetolia as she had been offended by Meleager's father, King of Calydon. The antique figure is first recorded as being in Rome in the 1550's. By 1568 it was in the Pitti Palace in Florence and by 1591 it had found its way to the Uffizi. It was badly damaged by a fire there in 1762 but was then restored. KEYWORDS: Boars, statue, statuary, garden ornament, figures, statues, decorative stonework

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Categories: Statuary, Ornament
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