An English copper 'Winsor' lantern

Made by hand to a 19th Century specification

Stock code: 92076

This item is no longer available

the glazed square section, tapered body with a rising top and spinnings, wired for electricity,

Dimensions: 84cm (33") High

This is a replica item. These lanterns are made by the lantern maker for the Royal Parks and Palaces on the original 19th century jigs and using heavy specification copper. After a season in the open they are virtually indistinguishable from restored originals! The lanterns are available in raw copper or painted green or black. Fitted with an "Edison" screw fitting, the lanterns can be used in both UK and America. LASSCO insists that these lanterns are fitted by a qualified electrician. A smaller version can be produced in this design the cost is £880.00 + vat Stock code 92076b.

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