A large French composition stone semi-fluted Campana urn representing "Autumn"

After the mid 18th Century white marble original by Nicholas Sebastian Adam

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the body cast in high relief with a lobed everted rim and with a mask cartouche of a Bacchic faun to each side, each emanating fruiting vines, with ram's head handles, raised on a spreading foot and square plinth, the urn can be raised on a pedestal base,

Dimensions: 132cm (52") High, 43cm (17") Wide

This is a replica piece. Nicholas Sebastian Adam (1705-1778) made this spectacular model in Paris in 1745 as part of a set of four, each denoting a season. They were designed for the Royal gardens of Choisy laid out by the architect Andre-Jacques Gabriel. The "Autumn" vase was later given by Louis XV to the Marquis de Marigny, brother of the Madame de Pompadour, and placed in his gardens at Menars. The original now resides in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.
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